Australia’s Hidden Gems | Our Favourite Untapped Travel Destinations

In the current state of the world, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of media terror, uncertainty and toilet paper. More and more of us are choosing to stay indoors or, at the very least, forgo overseas travel indefinitely. For some of us, hibernation and quarantine sound like a wild time, while for others, being told not to travel is pure hell; which is why we decided to lift the veil on our favourite untapped travel destinations in Australia. 
White Haven Beach
While this holiday destination is possibly more ‘tapped’ than ‘untapped’, it would be rude not to mention it on the list of our favourite Australian holiday destinations. If heaven is a place on Earth, this is it. To get there, you’ll need to book accommodation at Airlie Beach or Hamilton Island, then board a boat to reach this untouched phenomenon.
As we settle into a more cosy time of year, Newrybar is the perfect untapped destination for holiday makers this year. This quaint little town on the edge of Byron Bay, is known for its rich history, country charm and hinterland panorama. With chef-hatted restaurants like Harvest Newrybar and the kitsch Macadamia Castle, you'll be hard pressed not to love it here. Don’t forget to visit Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre and Gaia Retreat and Spa, for a moment of heaven.
Jervis Bay
Hidden on the southern coast of NSW is Jervis Bay and Shoalhaven. For locals, this is an annual holiday destination for families, couples and anyone looking to escape. Only three hours from the hustle and bustle of Sydney, this secret charm evokes a feeling of another world. With snorkeling, whale watching, stand-up paddle boarding and coastal walks, you’ll never be short on activities. Then again, lazing on the sand and listening to the waves seems as good an activity as any.
Wilpena Pound 
For those of us who can’t sit still, even on holiday, it’s a good idea to head to Wilpena Pound and join the army of bushwalkers who hail this place as the ultimate walking destination; and for good reason. The natural terrain is something to behold, and if you’re Australian it would be un-Australian not to visit this epicentre of the Flinders Ranges. The land is dry and arid, and the Pound itself is more of a bowl than a mountain, yet the views are remarkable and offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While there are many treks available to you, we recommend the Heysen Trail for the hidden paintings you’ll unearth on the rock faces, and the parade of wallabies and emus at your feet.
Another must-visit in Australia is Ayers Rock. At the heart of our country sits Uluru, an epic elevation of earth, smack-bang in the middle of the vast Australian desert. Its beauty reaches unforgettable heights at dawn and dusk, where the sun meets the horizon and the light reflects off the mountain to produce the most spectacular skyline of colour your eyes have ever seen. Pack a picnic and get your camera ready - or soak up the magic and stay completely in the moment.
Lord Howe Island
Floating in the Tasman Sea, only three hours from Port Macquarie, is the gorgeous and untouched Lord Howe Island. Swim through clear waters, alongside vibrant fish and ancient turtles, or go hiking in Mount Gower and reward yourself with unimaginably breathtaking views.
It’s no secret that we live in the lucky country. And yet, some hot spots have remained hidden treasures. Our land abounds in nature’s gifts, so you’d best be taking this opportunity to venture outside and soak up the spoils of your own backyard. Australia’s beauty awaits you.