If you’re one of those people who can’t meditate because your mind does somersaults (yes, I’m one of them!) I highly recommend replacing your morning meditation with morning mantras. Give this a try for one week, and see how it transforms your life. 


I AM GRATEFUL. If you do nothing else every morning, do this. Find a peaceful setting, close your eyes and imagine three things in your life for which you’re very grateful. Rather than rushing over this, I want you to really feel into it. If you’re grateful for your daughter, capture a memory and hold on to it; it might be a moment when you were laughing together. When you’re grateful, it’s impossible to feel angry, sad or resentful. It’s my favourite way to start the morning. If you are reading this, you are already more fortunate than billions of people. Start looking for the beauty in everything, and you will see it everywhere. 

I CHOOSE HAPPY. Repeating this mantra in the morning three times will infuse the idea into every other facet of your life. Don’t allow your mind to tell you differently; it’s very good at finding the negatives, if you let it. It’s up to us to retrain the brain and decide to take on the world in a positive light. When you automatically choose happy, you decide that nothing is going to get in the way of your plans or goals. The day simply flows better!

LET IT GO. Elsa just might be my new queen. She certainly knew how to let go of the old and embrace the new. Throughout your day, you are going to find comments, moments or people that will trigger your inner rage. The mind naturally finds the stresses in our lives - we are biologically wired this way for survival. And yet, this wiring no longer make sense in urban life. When approaching a difficult situation, remind yourself to let it go, before you find yourself red-faced and apologising. 

I’VE GOT THIS. If you are lacking confidence when it comes to diving into a meeting, speaking your truth, starting your business, handling motherhood or simply facing your boss, remind yourself: I've got this. If anyone can do it, it’s you. While this mantra gives you the confidence to face any task, it also provides you with the focus to be productive. 

NO EXPECTATIONS. A constant issue in modern life is that our expectations are too high, setting us up for disappointment. Without expectation comes freedom. And freedom is what we all really want. Repeating this mantra in the mornings will organically filter into the rest of your day.


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