How To Travel Sustainably

No one loves to travel more than us; it’s the best way to expand your mind, create a new perspective, learn new cultures and adopt new philosophies. However, it’s no secret that travelling is certainly having an impact on Mother Earth. Here are a few fun ways to ensure your global footprint is ever so light. 

Take your reusables.

Without the opportunity to pack your own food during your travels, you’re going to need to grab a quick bite here and there. Airports are overloaded with plastic throw-aways, but you can combat the waste by taking a set of reusables with you. Pack your reusable lunch box, cutlery and straws, to minimise the guilt that comes with tossing single-use vessels. 

We love the travel set from Kathmandu. It compacts down to a flat shape after use, and comes with a handy 3-in-1 fork/spoon/knife. Not only useful for travel, you can take this baby everywhere. And don’t forget your reusable coffee cup and stainless steel water bottle from Frank Green - obviously! 

Offset carbon emissions. 

Be sure to tick the box for offsetting your carbon emissions when booking your flights. The cost is small, while the impact is big. If your flight company doesn’t offer this service, you can go to C02nsesus to make a difference. This awesome app/site allows you to enter your flight plan, calculate your emissions and find a suitable project that you can fund (including solar, wind and hydropower plants) to negate those emissions. 

Fly Directly Where Possible. 

Using the most direct flight possible will inevitably use less fuel, as most of the fuel is used for take off and landing. Avoid first and business class if you want to reduce your impact and, where available, take the bus - it tends to have the lightest footprint of all the modes of transport. 

Pack Lightly. 

Less is more when packing sustainably. Build a travel capsule wardrobe, so you can pack the key pieces that will easily layer and mix ‘n’ match. A good rule is that if you can’t easily lift the suitcase or bag, it’s time to unpack, edit and repack lighter. By keeping flights light, the fuel required for planes/trains/cabs is reduced, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


Stay Close. 

There is no doubt that there is an endless stretch of sand and sea, a cosy farm stay or a lush hinterland getaway, only hours from where you live. You don’t need to go far to feel a million miles away. Check out what’s in your own backyard on Air Bnb before clocking up the overseas miles. 

Buy Locally.

Avoid those purchases that will inevitably end up in landfill. If you’re buying souvenirs, ensure they are going to stay with you for a lifetime, and even longer than that. Also, be sure to carefully check that your loot is handmade by local artisans. 

Go Green. 

Green Hotelier provides all the information you need to know about travelling lightly on the plant. With everything from eco hotels to global sustainable news, they have green nomads covered, so you can confidently walk the Earth a little lighter.