Our Top Five Boredom Busters

Over the years, I have discovered a growing appreciation for spending time at home with my family. However, the last two weeks have proven to be challenging to say the least! Working more hours than ever, with three kids at home is a new kind of parenting and we are all learning to adapt.

The media swept me into its hurricane and I have struggled to maintain a healthy routine. On the bright side, we are all in the same boat, so I wanted to share my top five boredom busters to keep your mind clear and your emotions in check.

DIY Face Mask

This is the perfect time to give your skin the love and attention it deserves. However, if you are like me and do not have a cupboard full of beauty treatments, it is time to explore your pantry and create home-made face masks with recipes from The Healthy Maven. DIY beauty never looked so good!

Sip & Paint

Sip and Paint used to be one of my favourite activities with my partner or girlfriends. Since there are no classes at the moment, I'm recreating the experience at home. Pour your favourite glass of wine, turn on your guilty pleasure play list and enjoy a Pinot & Picasso art box. This take-home kit has all the essentials to create a masterpiece in the comfort of your living room.

At Home Yoga Session

If heading to your local yoga studio was a big part of your morning routine, don’t be disheartened by a lock down. Throw some fresh berries in your water bottle, roll out the yoga mat on your balcony and be inspired by this Boho Beautiful online yoga session. To take it to the next level, FaceTime your friends and do the class together!

Take a Break and Bake

During all this uncertainty, some good things are also coming to life - many cafes are creating new ways to deliver products to people's homes. My favourite local coffee spot - Custard Canteen - has bundled up their ingredients so you can bake their famous cookies at home. If you've always enjoyed weekend brunches, lazy lattes and long lunches, that doesn't have to change. Check in with your favourite cafe to see what they are offering. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Happy Hour

As social creatures, we don't intend on skipping the Friday night cocktails or catchups. Mix up a margarita, play some classic tunes, create a cheese board and invite your friends along to the Houseparty App.

Please share your images with us if you try any of these! And if you have any of your own boredom buster ideas, please send them through - we would love to share them with our beautiful Zantika community!