The Ultimate Beach Day Set Up

As someone who has had a love affair with the beach for my entire life, it’s taken me years to develop the perfect packing technique. Here, I’ve compiled my top nine products for a day well spent by the sea.
Storing all of these items in one place - at the bottom of my laundry cupboard - means I can leave for the beach in an instant. With toddler on hip and enormous beach bag at the ready, our days at the beach are easy and nothing short of magical.
For the ultimate beach set up, don’t even bother heading to the coast without first reading this.


When it comes to packing for the beach, a towel is a no-brainer. ‘Which towel?’ is the question. The Beach People have developed this gorgeous Turkish-style Pool Towel complete with super drying powers. It’s lightweight, ultra chic and it has FRINGING! The classic stripe won’t date, making it your best beach friend for years to come. 


If you’re anything like me (or you have kids) then you know a good beach bag when you see one, and function trumps style in this department. The Dejaroo Beach Bag claims to be the best beach bag ever, and I have to agree. This particular bag not only fits the kitchen sink, it is complete with compartments, so your valuables stay sand-free and dry. With mesh fabric and an abundance of pockets, it comes in an array of colours and won’t break the bank. 


If you’re heading to the beach, I highly recommend taking a pre-tanned body with you. Providing next-level confidence, and the ability to avoid sun roastage, Le Tan Uber Dark is by far my favourite tanning product. The foam consistency is light and the colour natural. Its streak-free and long-lasting formula is a game changer when it comes to DIY tanning. 


We love the company CoolCabanas not only because they’re close to home - the Sunshine Coast - but because they revolutionised the way my family and I shelter at the beach. This chic shade doesn’t blow away and is easy to set up on your own. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to get beach savvy. Just another timeless and essential addition to your beach repertoire. 


When lunch time rolls around and everyone is ‘STARVING’, save yourself the hassle of relocating by preparing lunch ahead of time. The Business and Pleasure Co cooler bag is so cute, you’ll want to take it everywhere. With UV coatings and eco-friendly, recycled PVC linings, they really do mean business. And with ultra cute vintage canvas fabric, they really do mean pleasure. Who doesn’t love an ice cold drink by the ocean?


If you have little ones, then you’ll know you simply CANNOT head to the beach without a bucket and spade set. Gone are the days when you built a sandcastle with your hands - the tools of the trade are in high demand among the mini set. The Dantoy Beach Bucket Set is adorable, dishwasher safe and easy to carry. And the best part? It’s crafted using 90% sugar cane, a renewable raw material that is also recyclable. Sustainability for the win.  


While it’s probably not essential, I do love music - it adds heart and soul to any adventure, not least a day at the beach. The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 is a portable speaker that rocks a huge sound and is waterproof, lest you accidentally throw it into the sea. If you’re in the market for a speaker, why not grab one that floats? Turn every beach day into a relaxing retreat, or a party to remember.


My all-time favourite beach coverup is the Daphne Dress. I like to knot it at the hem to reduce the length and show a bit of leg! I love that it can be worn on or off the shoulder, and the sleeve coverage protects me from the scorching Australian sun. As an added bonus, it’s super cute and lightweight.


As someone who loves the sun, but not so much the skin damage that comes with it, I always pack my extraordinarily wide brimmed hat from Lack of Color. The Ultra Wide Palma Boater is handmade by artisans in Mexico with baked palm leaf, providing serious protection from the sun.